Entrevista a Peter Drew

Nuestro primer contacto con la obra de Peter Drew – todavía sin saberlo – fue el 2 de mayo en Brisbane. En una de las calles principales nos encontramos con este cartel:


El segundo encuentro con el trabajo de este natural de Adelaida tuvo lugar el día de mi cumpleaños, cerca de la Universidad de Melbourne. 


Desde entonces nos encantó y volvimos a ver su trabajo algunas otras veces en las semanas que aún nos quedaban en Australia. Nos pusimos en contacto con él a través de Instagram y nos contestó a algunas preguntas.

Sus proyectos tienen que ver con la forma en la que los australianos aceptan a los refugiados. El primero, de 2015, es “Real Australian Say Welcome”.

Desde su web:

For this project I installed 1000 posters around the country that carried the slogan “Real Australians Say Welcome”. The poster was inspired by the often forgotten second verse of the National Anthem that calls upon our “courage to combine”. That ‘courage’ seems strangely absent from Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers”

Foto propia. Adelaida

El segundo, y actualmente en desarrollo, es Aussie. Que profundiza en el concepto de identidad nacional australiana. También desde su web:

“The photograph of Monga Khan was taken 100 years ago in Australia. He was one of thousands of people who applied for exemptions to the White Australia Policy. Cameleers, Hawkers and other traders were granted exemptions because their work was essential to Australian’s growing economy. For 70 years they played a crucial role… I’d like to celebrate their contribution to Australia”

Nyumbani: Where does the inspiration come from?

Peter: For this project I was inspired by The Ghan which is a train that runs from Adelaide to Darwin, named after the Afghan cameleers.

Foto propia. Adelaida

Nyumbani: Most of the Arts crowdfunding never get to goal. Why do you think Aussie did?

Peter: Because it addresses a topic of public interest and the project is executed in public so everyone who donates gets to see the results.

Foto propia. Adelaida
Nyumbani: Have you felt controversy with the works? Was it your goal? Does it help of letting know them in a possitive way?
Peter: ‘Controversy’ is just a word for passionate conversation and that’s important because it reduces the  tensions that separate people

Nyumbani: Despite the book of Aussie what are your next projects? Thinking of ellaborating a similiar approach in other countries?
Peter: I’m just one person but I’d be happy if this project inspires artists in different countries

Foto propia. Adelaida

>Nyumbani: Have you thought of creating a crowdsourced project as a conceptual umbrella so that people can join?
Peter: No I haven’t but that’s a great idea!

Foto propia. Adelaida

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